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Hibari is a production-ready, distributed, key-value, big data store. Hibari uses chain replication for strong consistency, high-availability, and durability. Hibari has excellent performance especially for read and large value operations.

For Hibari documentation in Japanese, see 日本語.

Hibari’s Main Features

Hibari is developed in the Erlang programming language. Hibari requires Erlang/OTP R13B01 or newer. Hibari has been tested most recently with Erlang/OTP R13B04. Support for Erlang/OTP R14B01 in progress.

Hibari’s Documentation

The Hibari Application Developer’s Guide is a good first step to get started quickly. Check the download, the build, and the install instructions. The Hibari Tutorial is another resource that highlights key sections of the Hibari Application Developer’s Guide.

Two additional documents are the Hibari System Administrator’s Guide and the Hibari Contributor’s Guide. Reading the System Administrator’s Guide is STRONGLY recommended.

Read the CHANGELOG page for a full list of additions, changes, and bug fixes.

Read the FAQ page for common questions and answers.

The documentation is in a state of change and improvement. Contributions from the wider world are welcome. :-)

Hibari’s Origins

Hibari was originally written by Gemini Mobile Technologies to support mobile messaging and email services. Hibari was released outside of Gemini under the Apache Public License version 2.0 in July 2010. Hibari was moved from SourceForge to GitHub in January 2011.

Hibari has been deployed by multiple telecom carriers in Asia and Europe. Hibari may lack some features such as monitoring, event and alarm management, and other "production environment" support services. Since telecom operator has its own data center support infrastructure, Hibari’s development has not included many services that would be redundant in a carrier environment. We hope that Hibari’s release to the open source community will close those functional gaps as Hibari spreads outside of carrier data centers.

Gemini Mobile Technologies provides full support, consulting, and development services for Hibari. Please see the Gemini Mobile Technologies Hibari page for more information. Please see the Gemini Mobile Technologies Web page for general information.

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